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A Monthly Healing Membership to fix your relationship with food and build healthy, confident, intuitive habits that last so you can Eat with Love & Intuition and live a full, balanced life!

Are you ready to eat freely again - no rules, no diets, no binges, no 24/7 obsession - and reclaim your power from food?
You can't live a full life on an empty stomach...or an overly stuffed one! And maybe right now you're...

  • Exhausted from trying *all the things* - the diets that always fail, the Intuitive Eating tips and tricks that don't hit deep enough, the fitness plans that avoid the true root of your body image insecurity
  • Feeling like the only joy and relaxation you get is from eating
  • Wanting to feel normal again...but it feels like you don't even know how to eat anymore
  • Praying that the food shame and guilt will go away so you can enjoy eating again

What if instead, you had freedom with food - no anxiety, obsession, or guilt - and your life felt full and abundant

Would you be eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner without guilt and obsession?

Would you be spending more time with your kids and less time counting calories in your head?

Would you be showing up to work in a badass outfit that you feel confident in instead of picking yourself apart in the mirror?

It's time to stop wondering and start living your free and full life...

The Free & Full Membership is the safe healing space for the woman who are tired of feeling like food is sabotaging her physical and mental health and is ready to break out of the diet cycles so she can be free to enjoy her life and live full-out without her food stuff getting in the way. 

No more playing small. No more restrictions. No more excuses. She's ready for food freedom.

What's Included Every Month:

Monthly Live Masterclass

Join me every month for a live, in-depth 60-90 minute masterclass training on Zoom! You'll also get lifetime access to all the replays.

Past topics have included: guilt-free holiday eating, dealing with sugar cravings, how to tap into your hunger cues, self-care and self-love, healing the mother wound

Monthly Live Q&A Session

Get your personal, specific questions answered by me every month! You'll have the opportunity to confidentially submit your questions on any food freedom/intuitive eating/body image struggle you're currently experiencing, and I will answer in-depth on our monthly Q&A sessions. You'll also learn 100x more from listening to the other women's questions and how I coach them.

Food Freedom Foundations Course

Receive instant access to my 7-Day mini program with the exact roadmap you need to kickstart the journey of healing from binge eating, food obsession, guilt, and yo-yo dieting. You know you need to heal your relationship with food. Maybe you've heard of intuitive eating, and it hasn't work for you yet. Perhaps the fear of gaining weight is holding you back from beginning. Or maybe you haven't done the deep subconscious rewiring yet because you just don't know how to start the healing process...THIS IS WHERE YOU START!

Love & Intuition Vault

Get instant access to over 7 hours of trainings on eating, moving and living with love & intuition! Trainings include:

  • Tapping into your hunger cues
  • Honoring and "controlling" sugar cravings
  • Owning your confidence
  • Consistent self-care and self-love
  • Guilt-free eating during the holidays
  • Higher-Self activation
  • Setting and following through with goals
  • Self-love 101
  • And more!

When You Sign Up Today, You Get All Of This...

A Monthly Live Masterclass on Zoom with Sloane ($197 Value)

A Monthly Live Q&A on Zoom with Sloane ($1,000 Value) ​​

Food Freedom Foundations 7 Day Course - A healing course to launch your food freedom journey and show you exactly where to begin healing your relationship with food ($111 Value)

Access to the "Love & Intuition" Vault with trainings on hunger cues, self-love, sugar cravings, owning your confidence, and more!  ($1,000 Value) ​​

($2,308 Value) 

Join Today for $57 $47! aka $1.56/day

Or sign up for the full year and save 2 months!

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Is there a minimum commitment?
    Nope, no minimum! You're welcome to leave at anytime...but you're not going to want to! If you pay for the year in full, there are no refunds.
  • What should I do after I sign up?
    As soon as you join, I recommend starting with the Food Freedom Foundations 7-day mini program! Make sure to get the monthly schedule, put the masterclass and Q&A in your calendar, and get excited to begin your healing journey.
  • How is this different from Food Freedom Collective?
    This monthly membership includes 1 live masterclass and 1 live Q&A every month. Food Freedom Collective is a 12-week group coaching program with a curriculum, Healing Activations, journaling, and weekly Group Coaching Calls. You can apply at foodfreedom.paperform.co.
  • What time are the live calls?
    The live calls are at different times every month to accommodate as many timezones as possible. You will let us know your preferred availability when you enroll. All calls are recorded as well.

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